Classic Motorcycle Restoration Australia

Classic Motorcycle Restoration Australia

Motorcycle Restoration is available at 2 levels

Ride in – Ride out Restoration

  • You ride the bike and we strip the bike restore the parts you want restored and then we refit all the parts

Parts Only Restoration

  • You strip all the parts off the bike that you want restored and we restore them and you refit them back on the bike.

When you have decided what level of restoration you want then we offer 3 stages of Restoration. Cosmetic, Functional and Concourse.

Cosmetic Restoration

  • The stage usually takes between 4-6 weeks
  • This involves painting, polishing and chroming. No engine or mechanical work is undertaken in this stage.

Functional Restoration (Ride In)

  • This involves painting, polishing, chroming, zinc plating, wheel bearings, seals, gaskets, cables, tyres, chain, sprockets, seat, instruments, wheel rebuilding. No engine or electrical work is completed.
  • The stage usually takes between 8-12 weeks

Functional Restoration (Engine Not Going)

  • All of the above plus the engine
  • This stage usually takes 12 weeks plus…

Concourse Restoration

  • The full monty…
  • Takes a lot of time both for us and for you and costs a lot.

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