Classic Motorcycle Restoration Australia Photos


BMW F800

When we received the bike it was looking very tired and needed all new paint work. We have painted the bike in original Daytona Orange.

The bike has been serviced and now runs sweetly.

W650 Kawasaki

This bike had been used every day for many years and was showing its age.

We stripped the bike and restored the wheels, paintwork, serviced the bike and got it running correctly.

This work took 10 weeks.


Yamaha RZ250

This bike had been sitting in a garage for 15 years and was rusty, with all the rubbers old and deteriated

We painted the bike in original colours and fitted all new rubbers, tyres, cables, and fuel and changed all the fluids.

This work took 6 weeks.


Honda Z50

This job was to restore the fuel tank, frame and front forks. We blasted all parts and then had to do major repairs to the fuel tank as ‘others’ had been trying to weld the tank and just made a mess.

We painted all parts in original colours and fitted the correct decals. All parts were then clear coated over.


Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1

This bike is an Ex- Paul Feeney race bike which arrived in Australia some 20 years ago. It has sat out behind the shed for 10 years and is in a very sad condition.

Our client want us to ‘Fully Restore’ this bike.

We shall start by stripping the entire bike down to parts and bolts and nuts.

Every part shall be restored, repaired, replaced, rebuilt and repainted and then reassembled.

This is expected to take 9 months.


Yamaha XT500

Originally painted Black, we sand blasted it prepared and painted it Two pack polyurethane.

Ducati Darmah

Moto Guzzi Eldorado

Moto Guzzi Falcone Sport

Norton Commando

Yamaha TT500

Californian 2

Nuovo Falcone

Galleto Restoration

Moto Guzzi Mark 5 Le Mans

Lario Failure

1946 Superalce